Unimeal Team

Unimeal Team

Tech geeks and design lovers. Fitness gurus and nutrition experts. Quiet and loud, mindful and bold. We are diverse and somehow alike. The reason behind it is that we share a great passion.

We're passionate about everything. That is how we work, how we debate, and how we live. That is how we created Unimeal – a wellness mobile app that truly works for you.

Our Mission

Life can be pretty hard sometimes. It doesn’t mean eating should be too. We strive to help you meet your inner self, feel comfortable in your body, and improve your relationship with food. To achieve all of this, we undertake several obligations.

Our Values

These are fundamental things shared between all of us. Funny thing: you can find the word "mental" in "fundamental." We do believe the whole reason Unimeal exists is your success. Here is what we do to guarantee it.

Stay Diverse

1. Stay Diverse

Paige Waehner is a former writer for Unimeal covering exercise. Along with being a certified personal trainer for more than 16 years, Paige is the co-author of "The Buzz on Exercise & Fitness," and author of the e-book "Guide to Become a Personal Trainer." Paige has written articles for Desert Paradise, Pregnancy Magazine, Runner's World and many other websites, newsletters and magazines

Be Bold

2. Be Bold

There are things in nutrition that are common and well known. But would you like another product offering things all the others have? We boldly go into unexplored areas of well-being and create unique services. Being authentic helps us to keep moving and provide you the most use possible.

Stick to our Word

3. Stick to our Word

However passionate we are in general, when it comes to content, expertise is our top priority. A lie is not an option, nor are manipulative techniques and any half-truths. We always do as promised, and we always mean what we say. We are also clients of our product. If we are honest with ourselves, we are obliged to be honest with you.

Keep the Focus on Results

4. Keep the Focus on Results

A successful business requires many metrics. But with Unimeal, there is one that matters the most: your success. Whenever you want to get rid of that fat roll, lose 80 pounds, or acquire a healthy weight, our team is here for you. We rapidly exchange useless plans and embrace working ones to ensure your personal experience and the results achieved are positive, whatever it takes.

Keep Balance

5. Keep Balance

No matter how important nutrition is, there is so much more to life. Living in balance helps us enjoy our families, friends, hobbies, and food. We transfer this value to all the products we create so that you can find your balance and happiness as a result.