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Ievgeniia Dobrynina

Head of Nutrition at Unimeal

Ievgeniia Dobrynina


Ievgeniia Dobrynina has more than eight years of expertise as a certified nutritionist. She started her path as a dietitian after giving birth to her son and realized how important nutrition is for the health and wellbeing of all family members, including her newborn child. Going through her own path, filled with strict calorie restriction, disrupted eating, weight fluctuations, loss of muscle mass, unstable physical and emotional state, and after that – years of specialized training on various nutrition systems, today Ievgeniia is a dietitian who can teach anyone how to achieve any goal in terms of health, weight, and appearance. She loves working with people, showing an easy way to a healthy and beautiful body, youth, and longevity. Ievgeniia is a sports enthusiast, living a physically active life for more than 15 years. Among her hobbies are strength training, Tabata, step aerobics, stretching, dancing, and yoga.


Ievgeniia is a certified specialist with a master’s degree in Sports Dietetics. She has completed training and internship as a nutritionist and medical analyst at the first Ukrainian Age Management clinic.

Awards and Accreditation

An active member of the Association for Preventive and Antiaging Medicine. An active member of the Association of Physicians and Psychologists “Eating Disorders: Therapy and Prevention.” Certified specialist in Hormones in dietetics, Nutrition psychology, Eating disorders, Ayurveda nutrition, Dietetics and nutrition for disorders and acute gastrointestinal diseases, Human microbiome, and dietary habits depending on the enterotype.

Unimeal Editorial Process

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Best health tip

The key to success is the gradual formation of awareness and building harmonious relationships with yourself and the world around you.