Pavel Balezin

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Pavel Balezin


Pavel has started his career as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and rehabilitation specialist in 2007. He used to work as a personal trainer in gyms and now has his own fitness studio. Currently, along with working as a personal trainer, Pavel works with inclusive kids, helping them with rehabilitation. An essential part of Pavel’s work is health, and he sees his mission in helping his clients stay healthy at all times with the help of physical activity and fitness.


2008-2012, National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine: Bachelor in Health, Fitness, and Recreation

Awards and Accreditation

Pavel completed multiple courses on bodybuilding and recreational fitness, nutrition and dietetics, mobility, and functional training.

  • 2007, Ben Weider Bodybuilding College: Courses for instructors of bodybuilding, fitness, and health-improving physical education;
  • 2009, All-Russian Congress of Dietitians and Nutritionists "Nutrition and Health";
  • 2011, Fitness Academy: Instructor for functional training;
  • 2012: Courses on Evminov's technique; 2014, gym network SportLife: Basic course for the development of mobility and flexibility;
  • 2016, School of fitness instructors "Masters": Master trainer (2016);
  • 2018, Rehabilitation School: Trigger points and myofascial pain syndrome; 2018, Rehabilitation School: Osteopathic correction of the lymphatic system;
  • 2018, Summit Center: Course for specialists in physical rehabilitation 2019, Rehabilitation School: Applied kinesiology, Basics of manual muscles evaluation;
  • 2019, Rehabilitation School: Applied kinesiology, Structure;
  • 2020, Rehabilitation School: Applied kinesiology, Biochemistry;
  • 2021, Rehabilitation School: Dysfunction of the foot: dysfunction and correction.

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