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Easy salmon rice bowl

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Easy salmon rice bowl

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Salmon rice bowl is a perfect healthy meal for those who struggle with following long and complicated cooking guides. Despite being so easy, this recipe guarantees an energy boost and long satiety. The balanced ingredients will give you sufficient amounts of protein, healthy fat, complex carbohydrates, and fiber.  

How to make Salmon rice bowl

Choose a bigger bowl so you will have more place for vegetables and will be able to access rice at the bottom. Look for fresh ingredients and seasonal vegetables. You can replace the vegetables with the ones that are easier to find.

Tips to prepare rice for Salmon bowl

Rinse the rice before you cook it to remove extra starch. Add a little olive oil or butter to the pot. If you hurry, you can preheat the water using a kettle and then pour it into the pot. You need approximately 2 parts of water and 1 part of rice. 

Tips to cook salmon for Salmon rice bowl

Don’t add too much oil as salmon already has enough natural oil in it. Better use oil spray that will create a little crust on salmon. If you don’t have an oven, you can use a skillet or air fryer. Better choose a non-stick skillet. 

Easy salmon rice bowl Recipe

Essential ingredients

  • Salmon

    100 g

  • Rice

    50 g (¼ cup)

  • Avocado

    100 g (½ pieces)

  • Cucumber

    100 g (½ pieces)

  • Radish

    50 g (2 pieces)

Ingredients to taste

Salt, Black pepper, Carrots, Parsley, Cabbage, Soy sauce, Sesame seeds

How to make

Please follow the next steps:

  1. 1

    Preheat your oven to medium heat (350 - 400 F). Boil rice at the same time.

  2. 2

    Cut salmon into cubes, rinse or spray it with olive oil. Season it with salt and pepper.

  3. 3

    Put salmon in the oven for 10 minutes.

  4. 4

    Cut avocado, radish, and cucumber into slices.

  5. 5

    Use a Julienne peeler to cut carrots and cabbage.

  6. 6

    Assemble the dish. Put rice on the bottom, add salmon, and proceed with vegetables.

  7. 7

    Add some soy sauce, sesame seeds, and parsley to your taste.

Weight Loss Tips

  • Cucumber is ideal for stopping acute attacks of hunger. Eat it without peeling the skin.

  • Salmon is a source of lean protein and Omega-3 fatty acids that help you maintain your muscle mass during weight loss.

  • Buy seasonal vegetables so you don't miss out on vitamins. During freezing or long-term storage, some useful trace elements are lost.

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