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Weight Loss Guide by Unimeal: Make Your New Years’ Resolutions Work!

Looking for the best way to lose weight in 2022? We have gathered all the working strategies in one place. Read our short guide that consists of five articles and learn how to make your New Years’ Resolutions Work! This time, you will succeed!

Mariia Roza
Written by Mariia Roza on November 24, 2021

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Is this your first attempt to get into shape? Or does the “Lose weight” goal migrates from one wish list to another, and now you’re writing it down again in your 2022’s resolutions?

Get your 100% personalized meal plan by completing our 3-min quiz

Get your 100% personalized meal plan by completing our 3-min quiz

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It doesn’t matter. Because in either case, this time you will succeed! What makes us so sure? Because this time, you will have a complete toolkit of methods, strategies, and tips to help you achieve your goal.

Here is the list of articles we’re planning to write in our New Year’s series. When the research is done and the new piece is written, we publish a link, so bookmark this tab not to miss our updates!

Best Weight Loss Diets 2021 by Unimeal Experts

In this chart, you will find a list of diets we’ve written about in 2021. Every diet has a subjective score of its efficiency for weight loss, restrictiveness, sustainability, affordability, and health benefits. 

People who say that losing weight is hard, have just chosen the diet that doesn’t work for them. Don’t repeat their mistake: Analyze our list of diets and pick the one that will fit your lifestyle!

How to Lose Weight without Exercises

Weight loss is about decreasing your calorie intake or increasing your calorie expenditure. You can work on both parts of this equation or concentrate just on one of them. 

Here are twenty-two tips that will help you to lose weight without exercise. Make tiny changes to your daily life and get ready to see great results!

Female Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners

Don’t want to cut your calories too much but still want to boost your weight loss? You can do that by adding some exercises to your daily routine. 

Don’t know where to start? We’ve composed a workout plan for beginners so you can start exercising right away even if you’re a total newbie in the gym.

Weight Loss Workout Plan (Men Edition)

Your ultimate goal for 2022 is not just to lose weight but to get shredded? In that case, you will need a workout plan to boost your performance. Get into the best shape of your life thanks to split workouts and some other exercises, we’ve gathered for you with Unimeal personal trainers.

Meal Plan for Weight Loss by Unimeal Dietitians

Have a look at a 1,500-calorie meal plan composed by our dietitians. Use our meal plan to discover new tasty, well-balanced, low-calorie meals. Try out our detailed recipes, and don’t worry about calories and macros: We’ve counted them for you.

Writing down all these articles will take us some time. Meanwhile, you can learn more about nutrition and weight loss by reading our previous pieces:

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We will always be here for you!

We have a lot of plans for 2022 too! Add our blog to bookmarks to see our new challenges and learn about new discoveries in nutrition and weight loss. Let’s keep in touch and help each other in achieving our goals!