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Astrologer Advises: What Foods to Eat According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Isobel Krüger
Written by Isobel Krüger
Isobel Krüger

Written by Isobel Krüger

Isobel is a health and fitness writer, and also a health and fitness fanatic in real life. She loves researching the latest health and fitness topics and trends that can make life healthier, happier, and easier.

on November 02, 2022

Ever thought that your zodiac sign is connected with what you eat? Imagine, it could be! Each of 12 signs has a nutritional gesture indicating general food types that are good for them.

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Whether you believe in astrology or not, these advices are not medically proven, so they can only be used as nutritional recommendations. Let's check what’s on your list and compare it with your preferences: true or false? 

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Aries are fire signs, making them naturally dynamic and ambitious. Don’t try to get in the way of an Aries on a mission! These bold spirits’ nutritional gesture is resilience, and they need to consume foods that tackle their bodies’ high acidity levels. Add some healthy fats to keep that mental spark going, and you’ll be well on your way.  

Foods to Eat

Dig into foods like fish and walnuts that contain good fats and some brain-fuelling Omega 3 fatty acids. Limes have an abundance of antioxidants and Vitamin C, and this tasty citrus fruit helps to keep acidity at bay.

Keep yourself hydrated with watery foods like cucumber, and make sure to fuel your body with complex carbs like potatoes. As Aries should rather avoid spicy food, opt for onions to add some flavor to your dishes. 


While Taureans are notoriously headstrong, their nutritional gesture resonates with pleasure. The stubbornness is just a cover for a sensitive soul who experiences things intensely through all five senses. When it comes to food, a Taurus will enjoy visually pleasing dishes that smell delicious, so it makes sense to recommend foods that maintain the health of their sensory perception.

Foods to Eat

When it comes to Taurus-friendly dishes, color is a great place to start, as it sets the ground rules for visually pleasing dishes. Bright beetroot and pumpkin are not only vivid but help maintain good eyesight thanks to nutrients like including vitamins A and C.

Add beef as a solid protein source supporting muscle fibers, prunes for potassium and iron, and almonds for good fats and fiber. Finally, cauliflower is filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients and adds a neutral element to an otherwise colorful array of foods. 


With the nutritional gesture of adaptability, Geminis enjoy a flexible diet where they can experiment. Food preferences can change with mood changes; however, there are some healthy staples these playful souls should incorporate to help them spread their wings and use their innate versatility.

Foods to Eat

Right at the top of the list is spinach—a versatile and highly-nutritious leafy vegetable loaded with the good stuff. Spinach is a rich source of magnesium that helps maintain a healthy nervous system and plays a crucial role in energy metabolism.

Add protein-rich eggs and grams to fuel your body as well as oranges and tomatoes for a satisfying dose of potassium and Vitamin C. Last but not least, coconuts are a healthy source of fat to add to your Gemini food list!


Cancerians love to feel safe and secure, hence their nutritional gesture being comfort. These sensitive souls require a nutrient-rich diet to aid their stress-prone personalities and help maintain optimum health.  

Foods to Eat

Blueberries are the ultimate superfood that gives a Cancerian immune system strength and safety. Not only are they filled with vitamins A and C, but blueberries contain an impressive amount of antioxidants that help protect your body from free radicals.

Chicken and shellfish are premium sources of protein, with shellfish also offering a great dose of Omega 3 fatty acids. Turnips offer anti-inflammatory properties, while mushrooms keep the body going with magnesium and potassium. To add a final splash of color, melons are a great source of dietary fiber and potassium. 


Everyone notices when a Leo enters the room. With a big personality comes a big heart, so it’s no surprise that Leo’s nutritional gesture is the heart. Leos are passionate and bold, and their bodies need to be sustained by potent nutrition that makes for an enjoyable experience. 

Foods to Eat

Asparagus, black olives, and cheese are some of the tantalizing foods keeping the inner lioness alive and roaring. Cheese is a good source of fat and protein, while black olives are a healthy source of polyunsaturated fat and fiber. Asparagus is high in polyphenols, making it an ideal addition to an anti-aging regime.   

Lamb is an abundant source of protein and fat, but be careful to limit your saturated fat intake. Oats are a fantastic source of carbs and fiber that aids digestion, and by adding raisins, your gut will thank you for a balanced microbiome. 


Virgo rules over the digestive system, so not only is good nutrition a must for Virgos, but it also reflects in their nutritional gesture, which is the gut feeling. Virgos are analytical and rational and naturally keep things like good eating habits in mind, even if they’re not always practicing them.

Foods to Eat

Rice and bananas are a carb-rich and gluten-free foundation for the Virgo diet, providing gut-friendly energy and sustenance. Add cottage cheese, and you have a potent source of protein, Vitamin B12, Sodium, Phosphorus, and Selenium for a healthy body and brain.

Brightly colored peppers and papaya offer great amounts of Vitamin A, C, and E, and chicory is an excellend source of calcium, folate, and phosphorous.  


Libras have the nutritional gesture of balance, which is no surprise, considering their sign is the scales. Regarding nutrition, Libras also need to take a balanced approach and may naturally do so. No need to worry, though, as their zodiac diet includes a balance of macro and micronutrients.

Foods to Eat

Unlike Aries and Cancer, Libras have all seafood types on the menu. Seafood is a crucial source of protein and offers other vital nutrients like n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which play a crucial role in brain development and health.

Yogurt adds some extra protein and gut-healing goodness, while corn offers a sustainable and balanced energy source to the mix. Turkey is the king of of lean protein, and apples and strawberries add vital micronutrients, including Vitamin C, manganese, potassium, and antioxidants.   


Secretive Scorpios have the nutritional gesture of transformation, and what they eat can easily affect their gut health. With built-in determination, Scorpios can be attracted to extreme diets, but the following foods will keep their sensitive systems up and running, so they won’t feel like going for a juice cleanse. 

Foods to Eat

Lobster is highly nutritious and provides the body with healthy amounts of protein, phosphorus, Vitamin E, selenium, and magnesium. Add black cherries and pineapple for vitamin C, calcium, zinc, and Vitamin A, helping the immune system to run smoothly. Artichokes add Vitamin C and antioxidants to the supply, while watercress contains carotenoids that fight against oxidative stress. Finally, milk gives your body calcium, phosphorous, and moderate amounts of protein. 


Sagittarians are natural explorers, bringing life and energy wherever they go. They need nutritious food to sustain their energy levels and consume various foods to keep their immune system and gut up and running. Exploration is the nutritional gesture of the bow-and-arrow sign. 

Foods to Eat

Eggs provide some solid protein, and whole-grain cereals add carbs and fiber to keep Saggitarians fueled and ready to explore. Figs and plums offer potent antioxidants, calcium, and potassium to support the immune system. At the same time, highly nutritious brussels sprouts contain potent antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and protect against oxidative stress.


A Capricorn’s nutritional gesture is sustenance, and these methodical and good-natured souls are all about keeping things steady. Their diet demonstrates the same component with foods that keeps the body going and pave the way toward longevity and long-term health. 

Capricorn foods lemon broccolli
Capricorn foods lemon broccolli

Foods to Eat

Lemon has an alkalinizing effect on the body, while celery and broccoli help reduce inflammation and support digestion by offering loads of antioxidants and bioactive compounds. Lean meat is not only one of the best ways to consume protein, but it also has significant benefits for heart health.Brown rice offers sustainable energy and fiber for optimal gut health, and buttermilk adds even more protein and gut health benefits.  


As a prominent wager sign, Aquarians like to go with the flow, and suitably, their nutritional gesture is autonomy. Aquarians can also be very sensitive, so a diet that nurtures and protects is required. 

Aquarius foods pear grapefruit
Aquarius foods pear grapefruit

Foods to Eat

To provide a wide variety of micronutrients, pear and grapefruit are on the menu. These fruits offer potent amounts of Vitamin C, K, and antioxidants. Lentils are loaded with polyphenols that protect the body against cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and even some cancers.Cabbage is another fantastic source of Vitamin C while also offering respectable amounts of potassium. 

Veal and oysters are vital protein sources for Aquarians, and oysters offer additional health benefits with high levels of vitamin D, copper, zinc, and manganese.


The nutritional gesture of Pisceans is freedom, as these souls prefer to swim in open seas and go where they please. However, there are still some foods better suited to Pisceans than others. There are some highly nutritious foods on the Pisces food list. 

Foods to Eat

Apart from being packed with protein, liver is an incredibly rich source of Vitamin A, which is a crucial antioxidant that battles against oxidative stress.Tuna offers similar protein benefits but with an extra boost of Omega 3 fatty acids to protect and maintain brain function. Dried beans offer fiber and protein that’s great for a healthy digestive system. Last but definitely not least, lettuce and grapes are foods that replenish water with added benefits like Vitamin B and K.

In Summary

All Zodiac signs have healthy and balanced food combinations, so no matter your star sign, you’ll be able to maintain optimal health by feeding the parts of your body that need extra nourishment. 

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