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Mexican Food Recipes from Unimeal Helped Lucia to Lose 7 kilos

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Taisiia Dobrozorova
Written by Taisiia Dobrozorova

Taisiia Dobrozorova is a nutrition and fitness writer at Unimeal and a healthy lifestyle devotee. She has accomplished several courses on health, nutrition, dietology.

on May 02, 2022

Unimeal team had a great chance to talk to one of our beloved users who barely lost faith in losing weight. But a sudden coincidence has changed her life up to 180 degrees!

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Lucia was looking for a way to lose weight in a certain amount of time. The primary point was without starving and under restrictions on food. So, a Google search "How to lose weight effectively?" led her to a Unimeal page. It offered personalized diets according to individual weight and size and daily caloric intake.

The girl was always on extreme diets. One day, she could eat a lot, and the next day wouldn't eat anything, thinking that she could lose weight or that dieting was just salads. But they wouldn't fill her up for long. The girl was constantly losing and gaining weight, starving herself, and permanently stagnating at the same weight. "And I didn't drink much water or forgot to drink it", - added Lucia.

"Since I've been using the app, I've lost those pounds I thought I couldn't lose", - she said. The process of losing weight is still in the middle, but the user doesn't feel like eating anymore because Unimeal recipes fill her up for the whole day. "I also see my skin is better, and I always feel energized". Lucia notes an option to choose meals for the day. It helps to control daily calorie consumption. Getting reminders when to drink water and seeing personal daily exercise routine in the app are pretty encouraging.

But the main thing is that she became motivated to follow her goals and never give up. What is more, she finally got rid of anxiety while dieting, even while savoring desserts! Because the central concept is healthy food can be delicious.

"One of my favorite recipes from Unimeal is oatmeal pancakes for breakfast. They are sweet and fill me up for the whole morning. My mid-morning snacks are varied — natural yogurt with chia and fruits is among my choices". Lucia is amazed that there are many salads that users will never get tired of eating. "The best is the Mexican salad. I love Mexican food❤️".

Results. Lucia also discovered many valuable and nutritious dishes, and above all - yummy! Now she sincerely recommends Unimil to everyone. Especially for people who are experiencing temporary difficulties with selecting low-calorie foods.

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