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Top 5 Ways to Find a Fitness Buddy

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Taisiia Dobrozorova
Written by Taisiia Dobrozorova

Taisiia Dobrozorova is a nutrition and fitness writer at Unimeal and a healthy lifestyle devotee. She has accomplished several courses on health, nutrition, dietology.

on July 01, 2022

Many people are more comfortable exercising with a partner or company. It is easier to overcome shyness, achieve some goals, communicate on related topics, and motivate yourself. In a word, sports together will be more fun and productive. We collected five helpful tips for finding your workout best friend. You'll be way more likely to show up!

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Lack of company is the most common excuse for not going for a run, gym, or pool. According to statistics, participants in a 12-month exercise program who worked out together had a dropout rate of only 6% as opposed to 43% for those who trained alone.

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Exercising with friends can be much more fun. And it also adds a competitive moment: no one wants to seem like a loser! But what if there is not a single athlete in your community? There are several ways to find a workout buddy quickly!

1. Friends via friends

Social media can help you find a workout buddy
Social media can help you find a workout buddy

Start with your closest surroundings. You can find a comrade among our friends or acquaintances. Make posts on your social media that you're looking for a fitness partner. Perhaps one of your friends (or a friend of a friend) secretly dreamed about starting new sports or finally going out with someone for a long distant morning run. 

The more friends you inform about your plans, the faster you reach your goal. Social networking always works. (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). Moreover, you can use dating apps exactly – add in the description that you are looking for a workout buddy. You'll be surprised how many people are into sports. But don't forget to mention your city!

2. From passive online to active offline

Other social media advances are thematic groups and local publics, where you can search for partners. You can post your ideas of jogging together or doing yoga in a timeline or add your question to the "Discussions." Be active! 

Don't stop with online arrangements. Go to direct messages with a person to agree on details and set the time of the first training. If it's someone new for you, be ready that the training can never happen when it goes from online ideas to offline decisions. Don't give up after the first try! Finding a perfect matching friend for a sport you will be comfortable with can take time.

3. Personal initiative

Exercising with a workout buddy
Exercising with a workout buddy

Don't be afraid to make personal connections at the park where you run or the gym where you work out. Try to overcome the first shyness, and you will be rewarded with pleasant company and possibly a reliable sports partner and friend.

It is unnecessary to immediately get acquainted with a person and offer to train together the next day. At first, you can chat with them and find common topics for conversation. Gradually, you will overcome the communication barriers, and with mutual desire, you will begin to train together.

4. Sports events and holidays 

Cycle races and running marathons usually gather like-minded people. It's not only about the contestants but about watching the audience. You can start a dialog about sport with strangers, and they totally will understand what you are talking about. Visiting such mass public events, after all, can bring from watching to participating.

While planning your weekends or holidays, pay attention to companies that propose active attractions. For example, yoga retreats, hiking camps, or group kayaking. 

5. Hiking and other outdoor activities

Hiking with sports friends
Hiking with sports friends

Hiking is a well-spread sports activity. During the hike, people feel free, relaxed, and open to communication. Challenging situations in the mountains, for example, can unite the whole group of strangers. Usually, during one trip, people become friends after and workout or hike together. 

The more active the social life you lead, the more likely you will find a friend for training. It can be difficult for people who are shy by nature to overcome their shyness. But don't despair! If you're open and sincere, you'll quickly find a common language with strangers.

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