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The high content of fish oil, dense flesh and strong flavor make mackerel optimal for grilling or pan cooking. Mackerel is rich with micro and macro elements, vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids. So, taste combined with perfect nutrients will not leave anyone indifferent for life! It is an indispensable dish in the treasury of every homemaker who cares about a healthy diet!

Mackerel Recipe

Essential ingredients

  • Mackerel

    200 g (1 pieces)

  • Onions

    25 g (⅕ pieces)

  • Lemon

    25 g (⅕ pieces)

  • Cocktail tomatoes

    50 g (2 pieces)

Ingredients to taste


How to make

Please follow the next steps:

  1. 1

    Cut the fish, remove the insides, head and fins. Cut the fish in half.

  2. 2

    Make transverse cuts in the skin on each side of the filet. Pat the fish dry with paper towels. Salt the fish generously on both sides. Set aside for 20 minutes.

  3. 3

    Preheat a frying pan or a grill pan over medium heat and grease it with vegetable oil.

  4. 4

    Brush away any visible grains of salt, place the fish skin side down, drizzle with lemon juice and add cocktail tomatoes, a few slices of lemon or onion rings.

  5. 5

    Decorate with fresh parsley. Enjoy your meal!

Weight Loss Tips

  • To avoid the pungent smell of fish, choose really fresh mackerel for cooking, not re-frozen.

  • Before cooking, you can marinate a mackerel in lemon or lime juice, dry white wine, vinegar, or sprinkle it with fragrant herbs.

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  • Recipe category

    Lunch, Dinner, Mediterranean, Fish

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  • Tools

    Baking sheet

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