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Why You Have Hip Dips And How To Get Rid Of Them?

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Taisiia Dobrozorova
Written by Taisiia Dobrozorova on July 09, 2021
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Hip dips is a problem that often worries female representatives. This detail doesn't complement the curve of your hips very aesthetically. But all you need to fix them is a balanced diet and workouts. Check it out yourself!

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Have you already come across the hashtag #hipdips on Instagram or other social media? You may know about this term from other sources, but, one way or another, it is frequently found in articles devoted to workouts and exercises to keep your body in shape.

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Much less often, you can hear about the correction of the so-called "trochanteric depression", which is a scientific term for "hip dips." In medicine, it is generally accepted that the hip dips, like a somatotype, depend more on genetics than the acquired weight. Yet, nowadays, there is a trend for particular kinds of workouts or injections to reshape the thighs.

Let's try to figure out what is so special about hip dips. Why are many people so eager to get rid of them? Are hip dips bad or good? Or, maybe, neither? And what's more important, how to fix hip dips?

What are hip dips?

Hip dips or “violin hips” are indentations on both sides of the thighs, located directly below the hip bone. Together with the waist and hips, the hip dips determine the shape of your body curves.

Are hip dips bad or good?

They appear for natural reasons and have different forms, varying from one person to another. Some people have pretty noticeable hip dips. Others hardly find them by looking in the mirror.

Why fix hip dips?

Let's imagine that you have already found the location of the hip dips on the body and are unhappy with the excess weight in this area of the thighs. In this case, you should know that there is a reason to pay attention to this. Research shows that even people who are not overweight are prone to cardiovascular disease if they have increased fat around the hips and stomach.

Excess fat in this part of the body affects cholesterol levels, as well as blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which rise when fat builds up in the hips. In this regard, you can be sure the hip dips are a vulnerable zone fixing of which is not only a matter of good appearance but your health as well.

In 2018 the article about the benefits of loss of leg fat was published by the American Heart Association. It appears that burning fat in the thighs is beneficial and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease even while losing muscle tissue. Fortunately, this occurs without adverse health effects.

How to get rid of hip dips?

Although hip dips are today a body-positive trend and many models with hip dips proudly post their photos, some people are still embarrassed about their extra folds of weight and hide them under layers of clothing. And this is in vain! After all, while we hide the problem from others, we are often afraid to admit it ourselves.

Since the question is not only about appearance but also about your health, it is worth reconsidering some things from a different perspective. What should be done to fix hip dips? How to get rid of hip dips healthily? What do I need to do for this every day?

Hip dips workout

The primary and most reliable way to get rid of hip dips is workouts. There are many exercises for the hips and pelvis. Just 2-3 sets every day will help you get in shape:

  • thighs
  • hips
  • abdominal press
  • glute muscles

For now, it will be enough to remember several exercises.

Hip abduction
Hip abduction
  • Lie down on the right side of your body, keeping your upper arm down on the floor for balance.
  • Fixing the body motionlessly, gently lift your left leg toward the ceiling.
  • Lower your leg back and repeat all over again.

You can also use a resistance band for a better effect.

Leg kickbacks
Leg kickbacks

Leg kickbacks

  • Strike a pose on all fours with your hands hip-width apart.
  • Extend your right leg parallel to the floor and try to lift it as high as possible.
  • Lower your leg down so that your foot does not touch it.
  • Repeat this 10 times on both sides.
Glute bridges
Glute bridges

Glute bridges

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees, leaving your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lift your buttocks and thighs off the floor while keeping your back straight.
  • Hold this body position for a few seconds, then lower your hips down.
  • Do these sets for several minutes.


  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Smoothly squat down, bending your knees so that they do not extend beyond the tips of your toes.
  • Having lowered as much as possible, transfer your weight to your heels and back up to standing. (While returning to the starting position, you can also squeeze the buttocks at the top to maximize the use of the gluteal muscles).


  • Lie on your side and bend your knees slightly.
  • Keeping your feet together, lift your right leg off the floor and hold your hips at a 45-degree angle.
  • Repeat this several times, squeezing the muscles of the buttocks.

Now you know some helpful hip dips fixing exercises that you can do at home every day!

Sculptra hip dips

Surfing the internet, you can find other options for how to get rid of hip dips fat, such as a butt lift and other surgical alternatives. We’re not considering hip dips surgery and buttock augmentation injections with silicone due to their unconfirmed safety. More often, people who suffer from fat hip dips choose to resort to services of cosmetic fillers. The most well-known of them, for now are Juvederm and Sculptra.

Sculptra hip dips are committed to providing the body with additional collagen, the reserves of which are reduced with age, leading to wrinkles and a decrease in skin tension. Buttock fat injections are one of the mild and long-lasting methods to change the body in a non-surgical way.

However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Sculptra's technologies only for facial injections, not for fillers of other body parts. To be sure of the reliability of the technology used, it is better to consult your doctor.

The bottom line

At the moment, hip dips have become an integral part of the discussion of overweight problems. Increasingly, people aged, especially women over 40, try to hide their body imperfections with clothing or resorting to uncertified medical services. But is it worth it to be ashamed of what is natural? Of course not! You can look however you like. Any unevenness in your body is part of you, and it's not even about body positivity.

There are many ways to get rid of hip dips without having to resort to surgery. It is enough to follow a healthy diet, move more and do the exercises listed in our article. Let your body handle this task on its own!

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