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Thanksgiving ham

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Thanksgiving ham

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Juicy caramelized ham is one of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. The distinctive sweet smell with garlic notes makes the ham quite mouthwatering even while you cook it. The recipe template you see is counted for a smaller ham piece. Change the number of servings above if you have a big family or invited people to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

How to make ham for thanksgiving

Choose a big bony part of smoked ham. As it is pre-cooked, you don't need to worry about underbaking it and eating raw meat. Put it in the oven for 30 minutes after removing the rind and covering it in foil. Prepare the glaze. Take the ham out and baste it with the glaze every 15 minutes.

How long is thanksgiving ham good for

If you put it in the fridge, it can last up to 4 days. If your family really likes it, you probably won't have to worry about that. Just make sure you cover it with a food wrap or put it in a container so it doesn't absorb other smells from the fridge. It also will help other foods not absorb the smell of meat, garlic, and spices from the ham. 

Side dishes for ham

Ham goes well with potatoes of any kind, especially casserole potatoes, which are also a traditional Thanksgiving dish. It also tastes good with cooked and raw vegetables, such as tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, and corn. The sweet glaze makes Thanksgiving ham a good match for jams, maple syrup, and creamy sauces.

Thanksgiving ham Recipe

Essential ingredients

  • Smoked ham on the bone

    800 g

  • Brown sugar

    50 g

  • Butter 82.5%

    30 g (2 tbsp)

  • Brandy

    40 g (¼ cup)

  • Dijon mustard

    10 g (2 tsp)

  • Honey

    50 g (5 tsp)

  • Cinnamon

    2 g (0.3 tsp)

  • Garlic clove

    1 g (1 pieces)

  • Salt

    2 g (½ tsp)

  • Corn starch

    4 g (½ tbsp)

Ingredients to taste

Cloves, Rosemary sprig, Coriander, Cumin, Paprika, Maple syrup, Orange jam

How to make

Please follow the next steps:

  1. 1

    Put the oven rack at a lower third and set the temperature at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. 2

    Remove the rind from the ham using a knife. Using a sharp knife, score the ham diagonally to create a "net" pattern. Stick in the cloves.

  3. 3

    Cover the baking train with foil and rosemary. Put the ham in the baking train fat side up. Cover the ham with another layer of foil. Put it in the oven and bake for 30 minutes.

  4. 4

    To prepare the glaze, put the butter in a small pot and melt it over medium heat. Wait till it becomes a little brown before you add other ingredients.

  5. 5

    Mix dry spices and cornstarch in a small bowl and add them to butter. Reduce the fire.

  6. 6

    Add brown sugar, honey, and brandy. When the texture becomes even, add minced garlic. Simmer for two minutes and turn off the heat.

  7. 7

    Take the ham out of the oven and baste it with ¼ of the glaze.

  8. 8

    Put it back in the oven for 15 minutes and raise the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  9. 9

    Baste again and repeat till you run out of glaze. Add ham juice to the glaze to make the meat softer.

  10. 10

    Let the meat cool down a little bit before you serve it.

Weight Loss Tips

  • If you bought tough meat, do not despair, you can easily soften it. Place the meat on a dry, clean sheet, cover with salt and leave for one hour.

  • Kitchen scales are more precise than cups and spoons. Kitchen scales would be a great investment in your weight loss.

  • Use small plates. It helps automatically consume fewer calories.

  • 20 minutes after each meal, have a glass of warm water. This both encourages you to eat less and aids digestion.

  • Cooking Method

    Baking, Roasting, Simmering

  • Recipe cuisine


  • Tools

    Oven, Cup, Baking sheet

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