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5 Benefits of Cucumber Water You Didn’t Know about

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Olena Lastivka
Written by Olena Lastivka
Olena Lastivka

Written by Olena Lastivka

Olena is a nutrition and healthcare writer, runner, and gym enthusiast. She is keen on health and fitness research, modern studies on sports and nutrition, and various physical activities. 

on October 03, 2022
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Fact checked by Ievgeniia Dobrynina
Ievgeniia Dobrynina

Fact checked by Ievgeniia Dobrynina

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Dr. Olena Avdiievska, MD, RDN
Medically reviewed by Dr. Olena Avdiievska, MD, RDN
Dr. Olena Avdiievska, MD, RDN

Medically reviewed by Dr. Olena Avdiievska, MD, RDN

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Cucumber water is a popular drink among healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. And it is not only about how well it looks in a fancy bottle. This drink also has multiple befits to your health and appearance.

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What is cucumber water

Cucumber water is a cold drink that uses slices of cucumber to obtain a fresh taste. It doesn’t take long to prepare and can contain many other ingredients. It is considered to be a detox drink like many other natural flavor-infused beverages. 

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Read on to discover what cucumber water does and how it influences your body! 

cucumber water
cucumber water

How to make cucumber water

There are several ways to make cucumber water, but all the recipes contain the same ingredients. Of course, cucumbers and water are essential for this drink. You can use still or sparkling water. It doesn’t make much difference. Add extra flavor and sweetness using lemon, lime, mint, basil, rosemary, frozen or fresh berries, and other fruits. 

  • Traditional cucumber water. 

Slice some cucumbers. One average is enough. You can make round pieces or long pieces using a peeler. Add other ingredients to your taste and 2 liters of water. Put it in the fridge. You can drink it in one hour and store it for up to 3 days. 

  • Frozen cucumber water. 

Put small pieces of cucumbers and other ingredients in an ice mold. Add some water and freeze the mixture. It will take approximately 4 hours to freeze. After that, use these ice cubes to prepare refreshing drinks in hot weather.

  • Cucumber slushie. 

This is a hot weather solution for those who have a good blender. Put one cucumber and other ingredients in a blender. Add ice, so the blender cup is almost full. Better use small ice cubes. Start the blender on low mode and gradually raise its power. Pour some water into the slushie if it turns out too concentrated. 

cucumber water recipe
cucumber water recipe

Is cucumber water good for you

Switching to cucumber water is definitely a good decision if you struggle with drinking enough water. 

It contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, such as calcium, vitamins A, B, and K, phosphorous, potassium, and magnesium.

However, you should choose carefully. Grocery stores are full of "detox" and "fitness" water, but most of it contains sugar and artificial ingredients. The best decision is to prepare cucumber water at home. It is a healthier and cheaper option. 

cucumber water vitamins
cucumber water vitamins

TOP benefits of cucumber water 

  • It maintains your water balance. You should drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day. Cucumber water tastes better than plain water but barely contains any calories. Drinking lemon and cucumber water every day will help you reach your water balance goal much easier. 
  • It can help you lose weight. People who drink enough water feel less hunger and lose weight effortlessly.  If you're used to drinking sweetened water and soda drinks, you can swap them for cucumber water and reduce your calorie intake. The flavor of cucumber water can also trick your brain into thinking that you have actually eaten something. 
  • It evens your knin tone. This is another benefit of keeping your water balance on the right level. Also, cucumbers contain vitamin B-5 which helps to fight acne.
  • It improves your digestion. Your body needs water for proper digestion processes. Drinking enough water prevents constipation and helps to excrete toxins
  • It lowers your blood pressure. Cucumbers are rich in potassium. This element helps you get rid of excessive salt that makes you hold extra fluids in your body. It is one of the factors that cause high blood pressure that cucumbers eliminate. 
cucumber water benefits
cucumber water benefits

Let's recap 

Cucumber water is for sure a healthy drink that can help you keep your body hydrated. However, it will only show its benefits when you drink it regularly and combine it with other healthy activities. You can experiment with ingredients and prepare different kinds of cucumber water, including refreshing iced summer drinks. 

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