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Triceps Workouts for Women: Exercise in Any Location with Any Equipment

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Written by Taisiia Dobrozorova on September 20, 2022
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Surprisingly, losing weight should not be the only approach to obtaining beautiful and toned arms. Only muscles can create the desired silhouette, and the gym is not necessary. Training triceps is possible even without extra weights. Read on! We have selected the most effective triceps exercises for home and gym workouts.

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What is Triceps

The triceps are three-headed muscles at the back of your arms. Its main functions are to straighten your arms, push objects, and stabilize your arms and shoulders

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They are antagonists of the biceps that move your arms in the opposite direction. All tricep exercises focus on extending movements, while bicep exercises focus on curling ones. The tonus and size of these two muscles define the look of your arms. 

what is triceps
what is triceps

Should ladies train triceps: Benefits of strong triceps

Definitely yes! 

Triceps workouts will give you stronger, healthier, and better-looking arms. 

If you don't want to become too muscular, you won't. You can't build super-sized muscles by accident. Most ladies who exercise regularly just have toned bodies and a bit more muscles than average women. 

Stronger triceps will also help you progress in such exercises as push-ups, dips, and shoulder presses. 

flabby and toned arms
flabby and toned arms

What are good triceps workouts?

There are two types of tricep exercises: compound and isolated movements. 

Compound exercises activate several muscle groups, such as pectoral muscles (chest) and deltoid muscles (shoulders). They also activate core muscles. Isolated exercises focus only on one muscle at a time. Good tricep workouts include both exercise types. We recommend starting your workouts with compound movements and then proceeding with isolated ones.  

Use a variety of exercises in your workout to emphasize all parts of your triceps from different angles. 

Good tricep workouts are challenging during the last reps but don't seem like too much to handle. It means you can perform all exercises in good form and without pain. Strength gain is also an indicator of a good workout routine. 

Different tricep workouts that tone your arms in 2 weeks 

1. At home

Home workouts are a perfect solution for beginners and busy people. Here, we will show you some bodyweight exercises you can easily perform without equipment. You can regulate the difficulty level using different exercise variations. 

Tricep dips 

  • Sit on an even surface. 
  • Place your palms near yourself shoulder-width apart with your fingers facing the front.
  • Extend your legs in front of yourself. 
  • Press your palms against the surface. 
  • Move up and down by bending and straightening your arms.
  •  Breathe out when you move up. 

You can do this exercise with a little elevation: use a chair, sofa, or bed with a hard mattress. The more you elevate yourself, the bigger the motion range and difficulty you get. 

tricep dips
tricep dips


Place your arms under your chest a bit wider than your shoulders. Keep your legs and spine straight (no hunching or bending). Bend your arms, so your chest is about 4 inches above the ground. 

Make sure your elbows are not too wide. The angle between your body and upper arms should be about 45 degrees. Simply put, you should look like this "↑" and not like this "T" from above. 

If classic push-ups are too hard for you, for now, try kneeled push-ups or put your arms on an elevated surface. Once you get stronger, you can switch to diamond push-ups. They will target your triceps even better than regular push-ups. 


Bodyweight triceps extensions 

Triceps extensions are similar to push-ups but focus solely on the triceps. In the classic variation, you need to place your arms in front of you at shoulder width. Lower your elbows to the ground while breathing in, and straighten your arms while breathing out. 

As this movement is a rather complicated one, you can start with doing tricep extensions against the wall. Then you can move a bit farther from the wall each time to increase the level of difficulty. Next, start doing kneeled tricep extensions. Eventually, you will be able to do it with straight legs. 

bodyweight tricep extensions
bodyweight tricep extensions

2. At the gym

The gym gives you more opportunities to gradually increase your training volume when you become stronger. Also, training in the gym can make you more productive. The setting and people surrounding you add motivation and mood for workout. 

Gravitron dips 

Gravitron dips are similar to parallel bar dips but give you weight assistance. The bigger weight you choose, the easier it will be for you to do dips. 

Place your arms on the handles and slightly lean your body forward. Straighten your arms. Put your legs onto the foot or knee platform. Slowly move down, so your upper arms become parallel to the ground and return to the starting position. Make sure you don't spread your elbows wider than your palms. 

gravitron dips
gravitron dips

Triceps machine dips

Also called triceps machine press, this exercise targets your triceps better than usual dips. Sit down and grasp the handles. Push the handles down by extending your arms. Keep your elbows close to your body while you perform the exercise. 

tricep machine dips
tricep machine dips

Cable rope pushdowns 

Put the pulley into the upper position and attach a rope handle with two ends or a horizontal cable bar. Face the cable machine and grasp the handle with an overhand grip. Extend your elbows on exhale. Engage your core muscles, so you don't bend forward. You can step forward with one leg to make your position more balanced. 

cable rope pushdowns
cable rope pushdowns

Cable overhead extension

Adjust the pulley: it should be at your waist or slightly lower. Choose a double rope handle and grab each of the rope's ends. Turn around so your elbows are bent and your palms behind your head. Extend your elbows overhead. 

You can feel a little stretch in your triceps when you return to the starting position. Your back should be straight: don't arch it in any direction. You can lean forward a little bit while keeping a neutral spine position. 

cable overhead extension
cable overhead extension

3. With bar

This exercise selection is perfect for gym workouts. If you have the right equipment at home, you can easily include these exercises in your home training routine. 

Close grip bench press 

The point of this exercise is to give more emphasis to your triceps instead of your chest and shoulders. Choose a simple flat bench. Lie on the bench and grab the bar at shoulder width with straight arms. Slowly lower the bar to the level of your chest. Push it while breathing out and extend your arms. 

close grip bench press
close grip bench press

Lying triceps extension 

You can do this exercise using a flat or slightly elevated bench. Lie on it and hold a bar above your chest using a shoulder-width grip. Bend your elbows so that you only move your forearms with your upper arms in a fixed position. When the bar is slightly past your head, you can reverse the movement while breathing out. 

Overhead triceps extension 

The motion range of this exercise is almost identical to the lying tricep extension. Its main benefit is better control as you can see yourself in the mirror while doing the exercise. Overhead tricep extensions also benefit shoulder stability and provide better core engagement

Use an EZ curled bar for a firmer grip. Hold the bar above your head with a shoulder-width drip. Lock your upper arms and bend your elbows. Return to the starting position when your forearms become parallel to the floor. 

overhead tricep extension
overhead tricep extension

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Is it hard to build triceps?

Triceps are significantly smaller than big muscle groups such as glutes or back muscles. That is why it will take longer for you to see visible muscle growth in this area. However, you can train triceps more frequently as they don't need as much recovery time as big muscles. 

On average, you need around 48 hours to recover after a tricep workout. Training triceps 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes is optimal for most people. But remember that triceps also take part in many chest and shoulder exercises. You can count them as tricep workouts too. 

For better muscle growth, each set should have 40-70 seconds with a 60-seconds resting period between them8. In other words, you will need 3-6 sets of 6-12 reps. You will also need to gradually increase your training volume to see results. Choose slightly bigger weights or more difficult exercise progressions when you feel you can do it. The first visible results will be after 2 weeks of consistent training. 

Of course, it works better with proper nutrition and enough sleep. Your muscles can't grow without enough fuel! 

So make sure you train, eat and rest well. 

training cycle
training cycle


You can build beautiful triceps no mattesr what location or equipment you choose. You can even combine and try all types of triceps training to see what feels better for you. The two things that matter are regular workouts and qualitative recovery. Be consistent in your training, proper exercise form, and rest - the results won't take long to appear. 

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