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Lomo saltado

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Lomo saltado

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Lomo saltado is one of the most famous dishes in Chinese-Peruvian cuisine. The dish looks like a quick mashup of ingredients. Such a preparation technique reflects the local cultures and tastes. Depending on where you live, the most problematic product to find might be ají amarillo, a yellow-ish orange Peruvian chili pepper with a fruity flavor that balances its heat. So we've prepared for you the recipe where you put bell pepper that can easily be found in the nearest supermarket. 

It may seem strange to have two carbs in one dish, but lomo saltado must be served with crispy potato fries and steamed rice (of course, if desired)—these staple carbs in both Chinese and Peruvian cuisines. However, you have options for serving them. Some like the rice and fries on the side. Others toss the fries in with the stir-fry. You can layer everything like a rice bowl with rice on the bottom, topped with fries, then topped with the stir-fry.

Lomo saltado Recipe

Essential ingredients

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    150 g

  • ingredientRecipe_92_name

    80 g (½ pieces)

  • ingredientRecipe_36_name

    60 g (½ pieces)

  • ingredient_112_name

    60 g (½ pieces)

  • ingredient_110_name

    5 g (1 tsp)

  • ingredientRecipe_58_name

    5 g (1 tsp)

  • ingredientRecipe_5_name

    3 g (1 tsp)

Ingredients to taste

ingredient_7_name, ingredientRecipe_6_name, ingredientRecipe_118_name, ingredientRecipe_626_name

How to make

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