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Varenyky is a traditional national dish every Ukrainian homemaker cooks for her family. This dish has become a hallmark of Ukrainian cuisine because of the variety of fillings -  potatoes, meat, cheese, cherries, mushrooms, strawberries, cabbage, and that's not all! All the ingredients needed are always on hand, so just 45 minutes and the cooking masterpiece is ready to be served.

People sometimes confuse varenyky with Italian ravioli. But a crucial difference between these similar recipes lies in their dough. Traditional Ukrainian varenyky can't be lean. That is, kefir or eggs are constantly added to the dough.

What are varenyky like? The classical varenyk is around 10-15 cm large and, contrary to ravioli, has a crescent shape. The filling is wrapped up in dough and cooked for about five minutes or less. Vareniki are usually served with sour cream.

Varenyky Recipe

Essential ingredients

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    125 g (½ cup)

  • ingredientRecipe_186_name

    3 g (½ tsp)

  • ingredientRecipe_65_name

    400 g (2½ cup)

  • ingredient_112_name

    400 g (4 pieces)

  • ingredientRecipe_107_name

    10 g (2 tsp)

  • ingredientRecipe_170_name

    5 g (1 tbsp)

  • ingredientRecipe_36_name

    70 g (½ pieces)

Ingredients to taste

ingredientRecipe_6_name, ingredientRecipe_587_name, ingredientRecipe_118_name, ingredient_7_name

How to make

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