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Baked beans

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Baked beans

22 g


101 g


5 g



The baked beans recipe is popular in Polish and Greek cuisines. It came to Europe with Christopher Columbus. After then, it became one of the most important discoveries of the conquistadors. Initially, beans were an ornamental plant and only in the 17th century got into the kitchen. Today it is eaten all over the world. People appreciate its nutritional and taste qualities. Not to be unreasonable, eating beans may help you eliminate extra weight without being too restrictive with your calorie intake. High in fiber and protein, beans keep hunger pangs away, which may assist you in eating less and support your weight-loss actions. Moreover, it is not difficult to grow this, and it provides a rich harvest.

Baked beans Recipe

Essential ingredients

  • ingredientRecipe_412_name

    200 g

  • ingredientRecipe_4_name

    5 g (1 tsp)

  • ingredientRecipe_36_name

    125 g (1 pieces)

  • ingredientRecipe_5_name

    12 g (4 tsp)

  • ingredientRecipe_598_name

    80 g (¼ cup)

  • ingredientRecipe_599_name

    3 g

  • ingredientRecipe_591_name

    15 g (1 tbsp)

  • ingredient_198_name

    5 g (1 tsp)

Ingredients to taste

ingredient_7_name, ingredientRecipe_6_name

How to make

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Weight Loss Tips

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